Yoga For Good Health

Yoga For Good Health


As we know ,Yoga is one of the most important part of our life . “YOGA” is a Sanskrit term meaning to join , unite or yoke together . The body in yoga is the vehicle of the development of wisdom and spiritual awakening . In yoga we learn a discipline of the body which comes outs of awareness and attentiveness.

Yoga for good health-

Yoga improves our strength, balance and flexibility. Slow movement and deep breathing increase our blood flow and warm up our muscles , which we holding a pose can build a strength.

Yoga for health-

We all know about yoga is good for health. w about yoga is good for health. Yoga increase the power to fight diseases. Yoga makes the body healthy and fit .weight control yoga strengthness the muscles and enhances the fitness of the body.On the other hand body fat can also be reduced by yoga.

7 Benefits of yoga –

  1. Yoga helps you manage a stress.
  2. Yoga can mean more energy and better moods.
  3. Yoga relaxes you to help and sleep better.
  4. Yoga is also good for heart health.
  5. Yoga would have been beneficial for our back pain .
  6. Yoga improves strength balance and flexibility.
  7. Yoga improves our sleep.

Importance of yoga for physical health-

  • Yoga can also lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia.
  • The relaxation techniques incorporates in yoga for lower back pain and headaches.
  • Yoga increase our flexibility .
  • Yoga improves respiration and energy .
  • Yoga also reduce the weight of our body.
  • Our body gete energized bi doing yoga.

Yoga for fitness and health-

yoga is most perfect foe health and fitness of comprehensive module as it is nature. Daily exercise , healthy diet, rest and relaxation are important component of healthy lifestyle.

Yoga poses –

  • Mouth pose.
  • Plank pose.
  • Sitting forward pose.
  • Shoulder stand pose.
  • Head stand pose.
  • Plough pose.
  • Cobra pose.
  • Stand forward bend pose.
  • Triangle pose.

Benefits of yoga and meditation –

  • Yoga is also helpful in curing “ASTHAMA” .
  • Yoga and meditation have been linked with emotional health and boosts.
  • Doing yoga and meditation keeps our heart healthy .
  • Digestive power remains by doing yoga and meditation daily.
  • A healthy dose of yoga and meditation will keep your brain sharp and clear.
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