The chronicles of Christmas Eve

The chronicles of Christmas Eve

Whenever winter is about to knock on our door, the first thing that comes toeveryone’s mind is Christmas. Christmas eve is very special to everyone. Although winter is perfect for party time and Christmas is the icing on the cake. Festive moods start with this great festival. Every country on this globe celebrates this glorious event with an open heart. Christmas eve is not only a festival, it is an emotion and has a huge effect on societies.This article is about history, social impact, and many different topics which are related to Christmas eve.

Follow the Christmas star:

Christmas is a holy day as it isGod Jesus Christ’s birthday. Jesus was born on that day.He was born in Bethlehem which is about 10km south of Jerusalem city.The birth year of Jesus is not properly known. So many controversies and theories are there about his actual birth year of him. Some theories say he was born in 330 AD while somestate thatthe birth may be 6 BC. His parents wereMary and Joseph. There was an old prophecy about his birth. According to Judaism, a Messiah will bring the time in the world that is the original intention of God. King Herod was the ruling king in that period and he was obsessed with his power andstarted killing children who can defeat him in the future. Then Jesus was in her mother’s womb and as per the prophecy, he will be the Messiah. When the birth time had comethen an angel came and warn about King Herold. Joseph took his family to Egypt and have to wait for the death of Herold. So, they had to keep the news of Jesus’s birth as a secrete. Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus in the Church of the Nativity. Some saints who are aware of the birth of the Messiah wished to meet him. They then followed the Christmas star which was twinkled upon the holy church and started their walk on 24th December night. The Christmas star was the sign of Jesus’s birth. They found the place and bless Jesus with their hearts.From that day 25th December is considered as Jesus’ Birthday.

Jingle bell andit jingles all the way:

Jingle bell poem and the song is another must include part of Christmas eve. Everyone with a joyful heart sing this song. Whenever this song comesto our mind, we start to visualize a person with a red furry coat, white beard, and lots of gifts. This person is none other than our beloved Santa Claus. From their childhood,every child has a dream that on Christmas nightSanta Claus will come in his sled car and brings a gift for them. Now, some questions which come to mindthat who is Santa Claus and where he lives, and why does he bring gifts for children? Santa Claus is an imaginary character who lives in Finland. According to different stories about Santa,we come to know that some people from the Middle Ages started sending gifts to children to celebrate Christmas. As they thought children are the purest soul like God Jesus and they are angelson earth. Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas in 6th to 13th century started to celebrate 25th December and the gifting rituals which is continued at the 21st century. The story of Santa Claus is based on the story of Saint Nicholas and Father Christmas. Santa Claus is known by several names in a different culture. For example,in English culture, he is known as Santa, and in Dutch society, his named the Christmas man.Santa Claus has a post office in Finland. The address is 96930 Napapiiri, Finland. Millions of letters are written to this address from the children from different countries. They start their letter with “Dear Santa.” and state their wishes.

Operation Santa Claus by US postal service:

This initiative is taken by United States Postal Service every year. In the year 1912 Head Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock. Through this process, he started to help needy children. Letters from children or families are now uploaded on a website named USPS Operation Santa where other people can see the letters. If people then they can make a reply to those letters, can buy a gift for those children. The name of the person who buys the gift will keep anonymous as they will be Santa Claus for needy children and families. Postal service provides shipping service for sending gifts. Every year 6th– 10th December Postal office arranges this event. Being inspired by this unique event, several organizations now collect money as a public donation and buy gifts or useful things for orphan children and needy families, street animals and named the project as Secret Santa.

Traditions of Christmas eve:

The celebration of Christmas eve is full of traditions. People decorate their houses, communities with lights, bells, Christmas trees, original or artificial snow. Maybe those traditions are very old but still followed by people during this time.

  • Decoration of the Christmas tree is one of the main rituals. Christmas tree bears the significance of the worship of the god. According to the Holy Bible, this tree symbolizesthe resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the star on the tree top is symbolized as the thorn crown which was worn by Jesus.
  • The Christmas carols are sungin churches, houses from midnight to worship God on his birthday. People visit nearby churches to take part in the Christmas carol.
  • Another tradition is eating cakes, especially the fruit ones. There is no such perfect reason behind that. It is assumed that simple and tasty cakes with seasonal fruit and spices will bring good health after a long day fast.
  • On 24th December night before going to sleep children write a letter to Santa about their secrete wish and put in their socks and hang it in front of an open window. They believe Santa will come and makes their wish true.

Celebration of Christmas Eve:

Christmas is the most awaited and biggest celebration in the wintertime. At first, this festival was celebrated in western countries or between the Christian community. After globalization now,Christmas become the universal festival. Every country celebrates Christmas. In schools and colleges winter vacation startsfrom the day of Christmas. Schools arrange Christmas parties for students where they celebrate it. Gifts, cakes are distributed among students and they also participate ina cultural program. Mainly they play drama on Jesus’sbirth stories. People invite friends and celebrate with family over their house for parties. By inviting people warm greetings are exchanged. Lots of cakes and cookies are made which benefited directly or indirectly the local bakeries. Parents bringa gift for children and are their secrete Santa. Clubs and party houses arrange different programs to celebrate this eve and people go there to have some quality time.Some people go on vacation toseveral destinations. Christmas-orientedshort films, drama series are released on Television, OTT platforms. Every single thing about Christmas Eve is just lovely.

When we hear the word ‘Christmas’ andwith closed eyes start thinking about those cakes, pastries, candies, gifts, and memorable festive moments spentwith friends and family. Christmas is the only festival that celebrates by each people. No matter what their religion is, no matter from which society or country they have come. Christmas is about joy, smiles, warm greetings, and a lot more. That is why children to adult one, every people wait eagerly for this festival. Christmas omit sadness from every mind and brings absolute joy. Bakeries, shop keepers, event managers all person earn extra during this season. Students, children enjoytheir holiday with family. Christmas gives strength, dreams, wishes, happiness, lights, and memories. So, it can be easily said that east to west Christmas eve is the best.

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