Home decor- the reflection of your personality and culture

Home decor- the reflection of your personality and culture

Home is the nest where people find mental peace. Every but dreamed of a home sweet home of their own. No matter how big or small the property is, it is the best place to rest after a long hectic day. Home decor is an important part associated with home or house. It is nothing but art or an idea of how to make the interior part looks nice. It is about the placement of physical objects like furniture, paintings, accessories, a home decorating itemconcerning room size, floor, window, ceilings. Home decorating is a very simple but creative thing. Here in this article some exclusive ideas, tips and other things about a home will be discussed.

History of home decor:

Home decor may look modern thing but the idea of room decoration came from ancient times. People decor their homesor houses as per their choice and monetary conditions. In the 18thcentury home decor officially starts its journey as luxury items became affordable for the middle class and ordinary people. Otherwise only noble and rich people only decorate their houses with handmade furniture. In European countriesback then carpets were an exclusive and luxurious thing in the 16th century. Only the rich community can have it. Then carpets were hung on the wall or over the tableand that was more often but never use to cover the floor. People used rushes or reeds to cover the floor and sprinkled some sweet-smelling herbs over it. In an ordinary lifestyle, people just have one or two rooms and minimal furniture like benches, stools, tables were used and they slept on mattresses that were stuffed with thistledown or straws. Rich people in Roman culture liked to express their wealth through home decor and lifestyles. Homes were decorated with classic wooden furniture, wall morals and mosaic design on the floor. As they liked to have lavish and relaxed life, the furniture was made from expensive materials.

In the 18th century globalization and internationaltrading between countries gave a change in the home decor concept. Things became affordable. Ordinary people started decorating their houses with wallpaper, piano, rugs etc. In the 19th century, more people had the opportunity to decor their homes. Velvet and flocks were fashionable at that time. The furniturewas made from mahogany or oak woods, which are solid but comfortable.

In India, home decor is a little different than in European countries. As rich people like king or zamindari owners live the expensive lifestyle and also furniture and home decor reflected their wealth. Whereas European countrieslikethe darker shades, but Indian home decor is about colours. Bright colours like golden, silver, sky blue, green, red, yellow areused to make curtains, wall hanging, window glasses. Rich architecture with colourful appearancesis the most attractive thingabout Indian palaces.The furniturewas made from hard and steady wood-like Sal, Seguin, mahogany. Ordinary people in Indian society then are mainly involved with farming, labouring, craftsman and they decorated mud houses with hand made designsby white liquid chalk, called Alpina.Alpana was made on both inside and outside of the wall.Furniture of these houses are minimal small flat wooden stool to seat, most of the people spelt on the floor covering by heavy cloths, not carpet.

Modernization of home decor started in the late 19th century both in Europe and the Indian subcontinent.

Some home decor tips:

Home decor is simple things to make a small or big room, spacious with necessary or unnecessary items. Here aresimple but effective ideasfordecoratingthe room. At first, choose the living room and bedroom as the decor of these roomslittle different.

  • Choice of furniture for living and bedroom: Ya, everybodyknows about furniture. Table, chair, sofa, bed, wardrobe, bookshelves and so many items are included in that list. For large roomswith both height and width people can choose large furniture but if the room is small then choose small and short or mid-height furniture to give compact look. Bed, bedside table with lamp, wardrobes, a small chair and cupboard is enough for the bedroom while in living room put showcase, large sofa or chairs, centre table and if wishes you can havebookshelves there. Always keep that in mind, bedroom and living roomshould be spacious and airy.
  • Choose colours to brighten the mood: Colours make our mood lighten and brighten. Colours can be used in various places to decor houses. Starting from the wall to floor, curtains to window glass everything can be colourful. At first, choose the colour of the living and bedroom. Choose a light colour combination for bedrooms and a darker shade for the living room. As people want to spend a relaxed sleep on bedroom and a fresh day start also from that room. So, if the room colour is light and sweet itenhances the relaxation of the mind. While the living room is full of life. Quality time with family, friends and guests, living rooms are the witness of those happy memories. Bright and dark colour combinations make the party mood on. If the rooms are already painted and no chance to change them then the next focus will be the curtains. Try to choose the curtain’s colour which compliments the wall colour. It will work like magic.
  • Brighten the home: Things can be brightened only by the lights. First, for the natural sunlight which is very important, keep the window freeand never block it with furniture. Fresh air and sunlight arereally important to remove suffocation and germs caused by air conditions. Then comes the night and the dullness can be replaced with artificial light.LED lights are a perfect choice as they consume less electricity, are low in price with great designs and colours. Choose as per choices. Colourful light can be used to decor the living room and terrace garden and the bedroom need simple white lights. Lights can be hung from the ceiling and give brighter look to rooms. Illuminating ceiling fans are the best and must-have item. It will serve both good looking ceiling and cooling as an LED light are attached with ceiling fans.
  • Give room more oxygen: Giving more oxygen means decor your room with simple indoor plants. It willenhance beauty, freshen, cool the mind and eyes. Indoor plants are low maintenance things. Water and rocky stones with little coco peat are enough for them. Lucky bamboo plant, jade plant, snake plant, money plant, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, Tacoma are the most popular indoor plants. Generally, indoor plants are only greens withoutflowers. If you live flowers then decorate artificial flowers with the original indoor plants.
  • Home decor item: Wall hangingspaintings, photo frames, statues, lampshades, wall clocks, wall stickers are home decorating things. These are may not necessary for daily life but enhance the beauty of the room. Hinging photo frames with the photo of family members with us always cherishfor life. The status of God in a corner reflects culture and spirituality.
  • Don’t forget the other part: Home decor is not only about the living room and bedroom. Other parts like kitchen, balcony, corner of stairs, bathroom all are important for our daily life as well as home decor. A modular kitchen increases the space and looks organized. Indoor plants also can be put in the bathroom, yes that is true. It will give freshness. An artificial flower vase can enhance the corner of a room or stairs.

Home decor is an art that reflects the choice, personality and culture of the owner of the house. To décor, the rooms people do not need lavish decor items. Simple but unique ideas can do the same. Maintain the housekeeping regularly. Clean and clear rooms are always healthy and better. Opens curtains inthe daytimeand turn off the ac to enjoy fresh air sometimes. Change the curtain, carpet frequently. Decor the room with exclusive decorating items, everything is availableon online e-commerce websites. If confused about how to decorate rooms then take ideas from the internet or contact home decorators. Many people are involved with this career. Expertssolutions will make the work easy. Decor homes with these ideas and make people surprise and be inspired in home decor.

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