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Fitness- The key to good health

In the 21st century, lifestyles become very fast and to match with thatpeople forget how to be healthy. Being healthy means your body does all function properly. Not only physical health, but mental health is also very important to keep a healthy lifestyle. Physical health and mental health are associated with each other. When one down it takes another part with it. Now the question is how anyone can maintain both health and time in this fast life? Here are some details and tips that will surely help to understand how to proceed to have good health.

Magic of balanced diet: whenever we think about diet, the thing that comes tomind is starving, a low amount of eating. That is not appropriate about diet. There is a slight difference between diet and food items. Food item means a single dish like chicken or rice and diet is the whole day meal. Meal includes all the food items eaten at one time like breakfast meal, lunch and dinner meal. So, diet can be defined as total how many meals you have taken in a whole day. Now you may ask what is a balanced diet. Before going answer that everyone needs to know about thenutritivecomponents of food:

  • Carbohydrates:Carbs are important. Energy to be active throughout the day comes from. Potato, rice, wheat all are good sources of carbs.
  • Protein: This component is known as a building block nutrient as it helps to build muscles in the body. Now protein is divided into two kinds that are vegetarian protein or plant protein comes from all pulses, soybean, kidney bean, almond and non-veg or animal protein are from meat, fish, egg white, milk.
  • Fats: Fat is nothing a complex form of lipid and fatty acid. Fat gives more energy to keep the body warm, glowing skin. Other hand fats help to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Nuts, butter, cheese, vegetable oils are the authentic source of fat.
  • Vitamins: They strong immune system and keep a good distance from disease. Several vitamins are available in nature. Especiallyseasonal fruits, coloured vegetables are the source of vitamins. For example, Vitamin A is found in yellow to orange veggies like carrot, ripepapaya, mango and keeps the human eye healthy. Vitamin C can be obtained from orange, lemon, chilli.Vitamin- A,D,E,K,B- complex, and C are the total group of available vitamins.
  • Minerals: Minerals are salts and micro compounds. The bodyneedsa very less amount of them but they are very essential. Iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, sodium, potassium all play every significant role.Beetroot, banana, milk is good sources of iron, potassium and calcium respectively. Some of the minerals are available in a food item and others are not so they all are included in table salt.
  • Fibres: This is nothing that plants parts eaten by us. It keepsthe digestive system smooth, clears stool and retains water.

All are included in a balanced diet.  So, make sure that the whole day meal includes all thesenutritive compounds.

Follow a good diet plan: Another fact that people ignoreis when to eat and how much should eat. These answers depend onworkload and how much energy is consumed while working.According to age, profession, body measures, different people need a different amount of energy. So, their diet plan or diet chart will not match each other. Okay, do not be confused. Here are all the explanations regarding the question that comesto your mind: on average adult men and women need 2000-2500 calories to do daily work. Ext it also depends on what kind of work is done by them. If they are simple office workersthen calories should lie between 2000 to 2500 and if they are heavy workers like labours and sportsperson then they need a lot of energy or calories That will be 3000calories. As per age, sex, activity levelcalorie value will be different inschool going children and teenagers need almost 1600- 2200 calories per day. This amount of caloriesshouldbe obtained fromthe total meal whichis taken in a whole day. These measurements are for a normal body state. The calorie value will again differ for pregnant women. Every pregnant lady needs proper care along with a proper diet. Make sure she has 1800 to 2400 calories according to her semesters. If people suffering from any chronic diseases, then their diet plan also differ from others.Contact a good dietitian and choose a perfect diet plan depending on workload, height and weight.

Do not worry, just make it simple:

Now the thing is how all of these can be maintained in a busy life where everyone run like rats. Here are some healthy tips to stay fit. Just have a look:

  • Promise yourself that you will follow the exact diet plan and solution received from the dietitian.
  • Prefer to eat boiled carbs to fried ones. Boil potato help to be active in whole day but fried potato includes excesses calories in the diet.
  • Do not seat and eat. Let’s do some workouts. No, you do have not to run tothe gym. Just follow a freehandexercise routine. Yoga, pranayama isthe best option. If possible,gymsare open day and night just manage time and go.
  • Simple walking can help you out. Use stairs instead of elevators, take a short walk during office break, go offline shopping. Household works like cleaning, moping also do lots of help. Whatever it may be, make sure people have to be active in the daytime.
  • Ignore late-night food cravings. It is very unhealthy and impacts badly on health. Also, avoid eating carbs after 8 pm.
  • Choose good fats over the bad ones. MUFA and PUFA are the two kinds of fats. MUFA is a monounsaturated fatty acid and PUFA is a polyunsaturated fatty acid. PUFA is good for health. So choose your edible oils based on the good amount of PUFA. For example eat sunflower oil, olive oil, mustard oil not coconut oil for cooking.
  • Eat freshly cooked food. Lots of vegetables, fruits as they are full of vitamins and minerals. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people can choose various food options as per their appetite.
  • Drink a good amount of water. The bodyneeds 3lit water per day to keep hydrated.
  • Maintain time for eating the meals. Do a heavy breakfast before going to school or the office. Fill lunch box with a moderate amount of carbs, proteins, and a lot of fruits. Dinner has to be very simple. Eat a low amount of carbs and a good amount of protein and do not eat over the amount. As when the body falls asleep, a very little amount of energy is needed to continue the internal functions. So, if anyone eatsa lot of extra at dinner, all the excess energy is stored in the body as fat.
  • Try to be happy. No matter what just stay calm, brave and fight the hard situation. Do not be depressed. If mental health is not good then all work out on physical health will result in nothing. Spend quality time with friends and family or just what you like to do. That may be reading, gardening, dancing.I feel very down then talk to anybody or psychiatric councillors, they will find a good way to be positive.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking or any kind of addictionthat may cause a health hazard. It is not written to go intothe danger zone willingly. Collect all willpower and quit those harmful things. As everybodyknows about these two lines‘smoking causes cancer’ and ‘alcohol is injurious to health’.
  • Personal hygiene should be entertained by everyone. From school days every people are aware of personal hygiene.
  • Sacrifice your favourite thing.Do not be scared just talking about pizza, burgers, pastries and other junk foods. These items are early yum in taste but affect the health badly. Yes, that is the harsh truth. Fast food or junk food includes lots of fried fats and an excess amount of salt. As the results are high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and a lot more.

So, see staying fit is very simple. People have to gain proper weight according to their height and age and have to maintain that throug hout their life time. Consult good doctors and do early health checks up to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Follow the diet plan, eat fresh and healthy, stay happily active and joyful, spread positivity. All are significant parts of a healthy lifestyle. People do not have fitness freaks like sportsperson or bodybuilders, just do simple tips and stay fit and fine.



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