Eyeliners that are easy on your pockets

Eyeliners that are easy on your pockets

Everyone knows that eye make-up can make or break your look. Especially when you’re
going for an Indian/ethnic look, dramatic eyes are the way to go. But don’t worry if you get
scared of those 12 shade eyeshadow pallets that only experts would know how to use. An
easy and affordable way to get that glam look would be to use. Eyeliners to make dramatic
winged eyeliners on your lids.

Now you might be a little hesitant to invest in eyeliners because even they are a little tricky
to master. But fret not because I have the perfect solution for you.

Get any of these cheaper available options to practice first, then once you are an expert,
invest in the pricier ones. Don’t worry about the quality. Even if these suggestions are
cheaper, they don’t compromise on quality. They are safe for you to use. Some of them
actually perform just as well or even better than their pricier counterparts.

First, let’s start with pencil eyeliners, as they are much easier to use. If you already use
kajals, these will be a cakewalk for you. Here are some of my favorite affordable options:

1) Swiss Beauty Glimmer Liner for Lips & Eyes

Swiss Beauty is a known affordable cosmetics brand that you can trust. This eyeliner pencil
costs just Rs. 49. They are available in six exciting shades if you ever get bored of plain old
black. They have a richly pigmented, matte finish formula that glides on smoothly and
blends seamlessly. Also, they are extremely smooth, non-drying, and long-lasting.

2) Incolor Intense Longwear Eye Pencil

This is the option to go for if you want to go the matte look way. This eye pencil is priced at
just Rs. 49. These are available in nine shades. So, if you ever want to experiment with your
look or match your eyeliner to your outfit, these are ones you should opt for.

3) Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Eyes

Miss Claire is a brand trusted by many Influencers and Youtubers for their affordable yet
quality products. These Glimmersticks will cost you just Rs. 65. They are available in 17
shades including some unique shades like Sea Green, Denim Blue, Gold, Silver, and Copper.
Perfect for your Indian/ethnic looks. They are also very long-lasting. These perform just as
well as some of the pricier alternatives I have tried.
Now let us look at some liquid eyeliners. And remember, the trick of getting that perfect
winged eyeliner is practice, practice, and only practice.

1) Blue Heaven Get Bold Eyeliner

Blue Heaven is a brand that is known for its eye products. Their kajal is very popular, and
this eyeliner also doesn’t disappoint. It is highly pigmented, waterproof, and quick-drying,
and you get all of these features at just Rs. 55. It is also available in four different colors. It
is very beginner-friendly and reviewed highly on all platforms.

2) Gala Of London Liquid Line (Eye Liner)

This eyeliner is a good everyday use option. It is available in three shades and is priced at
Rs. 75. It gives you that matte jet-black finish that everybody craves. The brush is also easy
to use, making this product beginner-friendly.

3) Blue Heaven Get Matte Eyeliner

As said earlier, Blue Heaven is the go-to brand for affordable yet quality eye products. It is
available in six different shades and is priced at Rs. 75. This variant is different than the
earlier one as it is more matte, more pigmented, longer-lasting, and also smudge-proof. It
also has a fine brush applicator that makes it easier to try out many styles like cat-eyes,
winged eyes, or even graphic lines.

4) Elle 18 Black Out Liner Eyeliner Water-Resistant

Elle 18 is also another well-known yet affordable brand that is trusted by many customers.
These costs just Rs. 85. The packaging is also cute and travel-friendly also it has a bold onestroke formula. It is Water resistant and glides on smoothly, making it easier to apply.

5) Gala Of London Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner

This variant of Gala of London eyeliner is water-proof and also smudge-proof. If you have
some important event to attend, opt for this as it would last you all day. This eyeliner would
cost you just Rs. 90.

6) Blue Heaven Metallic Shine Eyeliner

After so many matte options, you must be craving some metallic, shimmery, or even
glimmery options for all the wedding and Indian functions. Don’t worry, as this Blue
Heaven metallic shine eyeliner will come to your rescue. It is affordable at only Rs. 90. It is
available in nine glorious metallic shades like Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper and
shimmer shades in Green, Blue, and even purple. It is easy to apply, nicely pigmented, and
has a beautiful glittery shine.

These were options that were legit priced below rupees hundred. But I want to recommend
to you some more options, that are slightly over our budget. Still, if you don’t want to
exceed your budget limit, I will share a trick with you. Get these when they are on sale at ecommerce sites (which they almost always are).

1) Incolor Sparkle Eyeliner

This eyeliner is originally priced at Rs. 125 but, you can get it at just Rs. 94. It is available in
five different shades. It is also water-proof and very easy to use. This one is good for you to

2) Insight Cosmetics Shiny Waterproof Eyeliner

This eyeliner is originally priced at Rs. 110 but, you can get it below Rs. 100 in a sale. It is
available in two different shades. It is a good option if you don’t like the matte look. The
brush is thin so you can have more control over it while applying.

3) Lakme Insta Eye Liner

Lakme is a well-known Indian cosmetics brand. This Insta eyeliner has been a cult favorite
for a long-time; even many famous beauty YouTubers swear by it. This eyeliner is originally
priced at Rs. 130 but, you can get it below Rs. 100 in a sale. It is available in four different
shades. It is very pigmented, water-proof, and easy to use. It is definitely my favorite among
all my suggestions.
Here were some of my budget-friendly yet quality eyeliner recommendations. So, get one of
these options I gave you and start practicing for all the weddings and events to look like the
Diva you are.

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